Fairey Battle Mk1

RAF Serial: L5112

150 Squadron


Pilot - F/Lt R A Weeks (killed)

Bomb Aimer - Sgt W D P Pittar (killed)

Gunner - LAC L O Grant (killed)

Date: 8 June 1940

Place: Fallencourt, France

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On 8 June 1940 - four days after Dunkirk evacuations had finished - the German troops were advancing towards the French ports of Dieppe and Le Havre. The Fairey Battle bombers were attempting to slow the German advance

This crew were flying at low level near the fronline at Blangy when their aircraft was hit by anit aircraft fire. Witnesses report seeing it fire over Fallencourt village before it crashed into the steep bank at the side of the road.

The site was investigated in 2016, but very little remained. The largest item was part of an undercarriage leg shown above.