Heinkel He111P

Luftwaffe Fuselage Code 1G+OT

Stab 9/KG27


Pilot: Lt Otto Uhlane(PoW)

Observer: Ogefr Hans Ramstetter (PoW)

Flight Engineer Uffz Josef Kremm(PoW)

Wireless Operator: Uffz Edo Flick wounded (PoW)

Gunner: Gefr Gerhart Rother(PoW)

Date: 14 August 1940 - 18.05 hrs

Place: Puriton, Somerset, UK

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Photos: Simon Parry and Jeff Carless

The crash site of a German bomber in a back garden of a house in Puriton was a local legend. However, when the Heinkel crashed the land had been a field - part of Canns Farm - the houses having been built after the war.

A war-time photograph of the crash showed a house with a distinctive chimney in the background. Fortunately it was possible to match the photo with the building today and it was also fortunate that the impact point of one engine was in a garden - just!

Details from Battle of Britain Combat Archive, published by Red Kite:

92 Squadron Intelligence Report

Blue Section ordered to patrol Barry at 16,000 feet. When approximately in patrol position, Blue 3 saw three Ju88s to starboard flying N.W., Blue 1 broke up the section and all three a/c carried out several beam astern and quarter attacks, firing 3 second bursts but with very little apparent effect. Blue 1, called up 2, and 3, and instructed them to make head-on attacks. Blue 1 proceeded well ahead and turned back head-on and carried out a dead steady burst of 2 seconds, head-on to enemy aircraft. Blue 3 passed over enemy aircraft at 50 feet and pulled vertically upwards and looked backwards and downwards and saw e/a No.3 break away from the formation losing height with a lot of heavy smoke pouring from both engines. (This e/a has been confirmed by Cardiff Observer Corps as shot down off Lavernock).
Blue 3 made a head-on attack on No.2 e/a and noticed a large piece of cowling fly off the e/a. He observed heavy return fire and actually received a bullet through his radiator which forced him to land with his undercarriage up near Aberdare. (Cat. unknown). Pilot unhurt.
Blue 1 and 2 continued to attack e/a No.1. Blue 1 doing a head-on attack, closing right in and on looking back saw e/a break away and lose height and speed, with white smoke coming from both engines. They lost e/a in cloud but the Ju88 was confirmed by Cardiff Observer Corps to have come down near Taunton.
The third e/a was lost in cloud. Coming down below cloud, Blue 1 saw a Heinkel 111 dropping a stick of bombs (5) on the railway, midway between Highbridge and Glastonbury. He climbed towards it but lost it in cloud.
Weather 10/10 cloud from 3/9000 feet clear above. Slight patches below. No cine gun carried.
R/T Heavy interference. German transmission received very clearly throughout the engagement.
Took off Pembrey. 17.13 hrs. Landed Pembrey. 18.19 hrs.
Blue 1, F/Lt Tuck. Rounds fired 2500. One stoppage.
Blue 2, P/O Watling. Rounds fired 2800.
Blue 3, Sgt Havercroft. Rounds fired 1200.

Details from Luftwaffe Crash Archive, published by Red Kite:


Probably en-route to attack Cardiff Docks, but the crew claimed they were on a reconnaissance sortie.

They became separated from the other two aircraft in the formation and were attacked by Spitfires, the starboard engine caught fire and the crew abandoned the aircraft by parachute.

Markings: O in yellow.